Sunday, 7 October 2007

A Poem


I caught a glimpse through the trees
-a butterfly
with stained-glass wings, glistening in the light.
Joy poured over me like the sunshine
and I had to run, wanting to capture it,
to hold its splendour up close,
to share it with all around.
Others joined me,
and for a little while
our shared purpose brought us together.

Then the day grew cold.
"Come along," the others said,
"we have chores to do.
There will be time enough for this
when the house is in order."
So I turned and went with them,
but my heart still followed the patterned wings,
and my soul longed for the pursuit,
until I had to leave
or be swallowed by the emptiness of it all.

Now I search alone, lonely,
grieving for those whose labours should be song,
sharing my hope with strangers.
The butterfly eludes me,
but the soft, blue, soul-hugging joy of it
burns as a flame within my being,
and I feel the gentle breath
of its fluttering wings before me.

I pray one day I will come close to it.
I will reach out to it
and it will alight on my shoulder.
Then the flame will engulf me
until I am but a speck of dust,
resting on a gossamer wing,
floating in the sunshine...


© K Stewart 2003

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