Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Those were the days.

You talking to Super Mum here. She can fix anything, sort anything. Nothing is too hard. Or so my children seem to think. Oh, to have that much faith in another person again.

My husband was mowing the jungle outside our garden gate. It should have been done weeks ago, but other work got in the way. The two youngest were in the garden, when they noticed something moving where Dad had just been. He'd run over a skink, or blue-tongue lizard that had obviously been hiding in the long grass. The colder air made it a bit too slow to get away.

So, what do you do when you find a blue-tongue with a graze on its head from a lawnmower blade? Of course, you get Mum. Mum, who has no medical or veterinary skills whatsoever. She'll know what to do.

Armed with leather gardening gloves (all super-heroes wear gloves) I picked up the rather angry lizard and carried it to the garden, carefully avoiding the stream of 'whatever' it let loose out of fright. The cut wasn't bad. I'd say it had just lost a scale. So I let it go again under the agapanthus flowers. Then we cut up a large strawberry and left it close by. As kids do, they took it as gospel that he'd be okay now, because Mum said so. I have no idea really, but it was what they wanted to hear, and it soon slithered into hiding, so I guess we'll never know.

I wonder how old they'll be before they realise that Mum really doesn't know what she's doing?


Luc2 said...

I wonder how old they'll be before they realise that Mum really doesn't know what she's doing?
I guess when they'll start reading your blog, and get to this post. ;-)

Kate said...

I'm super-mum for a little while longer then! I haven't told them about this blog. The eldest is old enough to find it, but he stopped believing in me, along with the tooth fairy, long ago.

Flick said...

i asked my son to show me how facebook worked and he threw a huge wobbler and said - I'm not going to put you on as my friend. No one puts mothers as friends.
As if I wanted to!! He gave me a two second scan at his page and that was that. So I asked daughter who spend 30 minutes showing me everything on her page in great detail. Then added - I'm not going to put you on my friends list.
Ha ha.