Friday, 9 November 2007


I received a small slice of heaven in the mail the other day. It came in a yellow envelope, postmarked Canada. But let me start at the beginning…

About ten years ago my sister gave me a compact disc entitled ‘Celtic Dawn’. I’ve always loved anything Celtic and this was no exception. The music on it transported me from mountaintops to forest streams, from wild Scottish beaches to heather-covered moors. I’m surprised it still plays, I’ve listened to it so often. No matter what mood I’m in when I put it on, I always relax. But though I’ve searched high and low, in shops and in Australian on-line music stores I could never find anything else like it.

Then, belatedly I will admit, I used my brain. I looked up the name of the composer/flautist – Ron Korb, and found his website. There before me was a wonderful array of Ron Korb CDs, all reasonably priced and with snippets to play to help selection. It was difficult to restrain myself from ordering the whole lot, but I ordered two –Celtic Heartland and Japanese Mysteries (Korb is of Canadian/ Japanese heritage).

Two long weeks later they arrived and now my children are sick of the sound of them. I’m not. They’re beautiful. When I listen to them, I can see the moss on the old stone wall, smell the cherry blossom and watch the children playing in the river. Ron Korb is a very talented musician. I wish someone in Australia would realise that and make his music more readily available.
Now I might go and do some writing while I listen again. The CDs safely copied onto my MP3 player now, so my children can't complain.

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