Wednesday, 12 December 2007

End of year

My little angel finished her first year of school today. She’s been going four mornings a week and it hardly seems two minutes since I was dropping her off for her first day, trying to pretend that I was really happy and knowing that I’d start bawling as soon as I got out of the classroom. She seems to have grown up so much in this year, from a shy little thing to a confident speaker. Unfortunately she hasn’t grown much in stature. Her best friend stands head and shoulders over her…cute!

The year finished with a whole-school assembly and the kindergarten had to sing three songs. The boys dressed as shepherds, the girls as angels. We never have any trouble getting M to dress up. She loves it. But I wasn’t allowed to tie back her hair. “Angels don’t have bunches, Mummy!” Most of the girls in her class are blonde and blue-eyed, but I still think she was the sweetest looking angel. I'm not biased or anything.

Of course, their item was well received. They only have to stand there in dress-ups at that age to have everyone going ‘Ahhh’.

Now we have six weeks holiday before she starts full-time school. She was hoping it was only a week! I can only hope that attitude to school lasts for a long time to come.


Danette Haworth said...

"Trees are not lollipops." I love that! I like your blurb in the sidebar. Nice blog!

Luc2 said...

Yes, she's a real angel. She'll turn heads when she'll get older. From that perspective, I'm happy I have a boy, not a girl.

Enjoy the vacation!

Kate said...

Thanks, Danette!

Kate said...

Luc, her Grandfather's first words when he saw her were, "Oh dear, you're in trouble when she's fifteen!"

Flick said...

Butter wouldn't melt - or would it?? Spending Christmas in Florida has made me realise what it must be like in Australia - I'm so used to cold weather. Nativity plays in the sunshine - with an angel in tinsel - lovely!