Sunday, 17 February 2008

My redesigned website

I’ve just finished redesigning my website. I’m no expert, so it’s a real trial and error thing to get it running. What I had before was fine, but then someone in SCBWI pointed out in a discussion, that it’s best for artists to group their pieces in terms of style. Before I had them grouped in subjects, rather than styles, so I’ve rearranged them.

I also spent hours cutting the background from a painting to use the foreground on the front page. I like the result, but if I’d realised how long it would take me when I started, I might have had second thoughts.

Having got it all together, I then had to upload it. It sounds easy, but even though I uploaded every file I’d used, there were still pages that wouldn’t work. It took me quite a while (and lots of hair-tearing) to finally work out that because in the process of uploading I’d had to change two file names, I would now have to go back and alter all the hyperlinks. There must be an easier way!

What I really need now is to buy myself a domain name, instead of using a free website. Then I can get away from the adverts and I don’t have to worry too much about how big my site is or how often people are trying to download it. At the moment, one person looking at the whole site will use up the download quota for the hour. That’s if they can be bothered looking at the whole site when it downloads so slowly. I promise myself that I’ll buy a proper site one day – but I need to feel like I’ve earned it.

Anyway, please check it out (not all at once!) if you have time, and let me know if you see any major glitches. It’s been a steep learning curve!


Luc2 said...

Hi Kate,

it looks good. Only, the last page I clicked on, I got the following message:
"The GeoCities web site you were trying to view has temporarily exceeded its data transfer limit. Please try again later."
And I was wondering if you can click on the drawings and get an enlarged view. But I didn't get there...

Kate said...

Yes, GeoCities is good, but it lets you have 15Mb of material on your site, then limits downloads to around 4Mb. Rather annoying really. I'll have to find another inexpensive way of having a site.
And no, I didn't have blow-ups of my pictures for just that reason.

Angela said...

It looks really great to me. I love the illustration you chose as your background--I have always had a thing for doors, and I see them everywhere they're not. I can't look at a tree without imagining a door set into it, lol, so your picture is perfect!

Love your elephant illo as well--beautiful work, very friendly and warm 'come on in' feel to the website.

Kate said...

Thanks, Angela.

Danette Haworth said...

Love it! So clean and fresh.