Saturday, 22 March 2008

My new toy.

Just to prove it's not only my husband who enjoys spending money on new toys, here's a little creation made on my new toy - a Wacom Bamboo. I had a tablet (not a Wacom) on the old computer, but could never get it to work on this computer, despite all the computer shop's reassurances that it should. So when I had to take my eldest to the city last week for an appointment at the orthodontist, and we arrived too early, what else was there to do but go into the nearby electronics shop? I've always thought a Wacom would be good, but resisted the temptation. But I'm a working girl now so I don't feel so guilty about spending money.

Apparently there's a Wacom that has a screen on it, so that you can hold your picture flat in front of you, just like an art pad. The Bamboo, on the other hand, is quite tiny, but I don't work big and I only usually use the computer to correct or tidy illustrations I've done the old fashioned way. With this I won't have to fiddle, trying to get the accuracy I want with a mouse.

Money well spent I think. I'll try to forget how much the orthodontist is costing.

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