Sunday, 25 May 2008

Who do you write like?

A few weeks ago, someone reviewing one of my books' opening chapters on YWO told me that my writing style reminded her of a particular author. I'd never read any books by that author, so I ordered one from the library. I can't say I really know what it was she saw in my writing that reminded her of the author, but I have to say I did thoroughly enjoy the book! It was told from the point of view of three characters and it was very much a character-driven story, so maybe that was where the similarity lay.

It's a question I often ponder, though. Who do I write like? When I read articles on how to write queries, they frequently suggest that you look for the agents or publishers of other authors in your style. But how do you know whose style you have? I have a copy of 'Who writes like?' but my name isn't in it, so it doesn't help! Maybe I'll have to start asking reviewers to make suggestions as this other lady did. I only hope their suggestions are as palatable.

Who do you write like?


Angela said...

For me, I think it depends on what I'm writing. Each book is a little different. I had one person say I wrote like Vivian Van Velde, but I don't know because I've never read her work. Someone else thought that some of my stuff is a bit like Rick Riordan.

I just hope I write like, well, me!

Luc2 said...

I don't know. There are writers I admire, but I'm not trying to emulate them (at least not consciously). I'm working hard to develop my own style.

One of my critters once told me that i reminded her of an author, but she didn't remember who! :(

But I think others can judge that better than I can say myself.