Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Let's Get This Straight!

Sorry. I’m on my high horse at the moment. I’ve just been on an Internet news site and come across the headline


Huh? Isn’t this Ms Kidman's third child? Oh, that’s right. The other two are adopted so they don’t count, do they? She wasn’t a real mum till she gave birth.

What a load of….No, I won’t say it. This is a swear-free zone. But as an adoptive mother, headlines like this make my blood boil! How do they think this makes Isabelle and Connor feel? I’m not blaming Nicole. She can’t help the media’s lack of tact, but someone needs to stand up and shout about it, on behalf of adopted kids everywhere. They’re not second-class children. They’re real. Their adoptive parents love them, just as much as if they’d given birth to them. Why can’t people understand that?

Okay, rant over. I’ll go and make myself a cup of coffee and hug my kids – all three of them.

Grrr, mumble, grumble…


Angela said...

Grrr...this is why I can sometimes despise the media. What a crock of...*coughs*

My SIL has three adoptive children and she could not love them more if they came from her body. Adoptive or natural, when we give our heart to them, what does it matter?

Kate said...

Precisely, Angela.