Thursday, 4 September 2008


"Spring is sprung
The grass is ris
I wonder where the birdies is?"

Well, for those of us in the southern hemisphere, spring has indeed sprung. We’ve just had some beautiful spring weather, everything’s growing beautifully and people are already beginning to grumble about their hay fever. But for me it doesn’t feel like spring, for the simple fact that I haven’t heard my ‘spring bird’ yet.
As far as I know, he’s a lark thrush, a plain grey little bird, and the first year we were married he arrived on September 1st. There was no mistaking his arrival. The whole sky came alive with his joyous song. He darted about, throwing his notes into the air then darted away into the distance. Nature’s own town cryer – ‘Spring is here!’ Later I saw him in the shed, sitting on the tractor, pecking furiously at his own reflection in the wing mirror.

Every year since then he’s been back. Well, a lark thrush has been back. I sincerely doubt it’s the same one that arrived 19 years ago. It just doesn’t seem like spring without that song. I hope he gets here soon.


Angela said...

Oh! I hope he comes soon too!!

Angela said...

Seeing as we're just creeping into fall here in Canada, this post made me do a triple take, lol. What a great wide world we live in that we all celebrate the birth of different seasons at differet times.