Thursday, 2 October 2008

Why I never get any work done.

It’s school holidays. Good, I thought, I’m not working for a whole two weeks, I’ll get some work done on that illustrating I’m supposed to be doing. Silly me. Here’s the holidays so far –

Thursday afternoon ( after school broke up): Took Sausage for her immunisation boosters. They should have been done last year, but I’m squeamish about things like that. I can’t bear my kids screaming. As it was, Sausage came out with nothing more than a whispered ‘Ow, ow, ow.’

Friday morning: Took Sausage to a birthday party. This is the second party this year that I’ve had to take her 30 miles to get there. But I stayed and had a lovely time talking to the other mums, so that was okay. I got no illustrations done though.

Saturday morning: Went to visit Grandma and Grandad. We do it most Saturdays. They only live in town, but we hardly ever see them around and they’d just been away for two weeks. By the time we got home, Sausage had a raging fever. Effects of the needles I thought, so dosed her up with paracetamol and spent the rest of the day trying to keep her happy.

Sunday: Sausage still had a slight fever, but it eased. So we set off to a planned barbecue with two of P’s old friends from school. They and their wives are lovely, so we had a great time, but by the time we got home, Sausage was coughing and the temp was raging again.

And so it has gone on. Except that now Dynamo is also coughing and spluttering. So much for the effects of immunisation theory. He's very unhappy that I cancelled a sleepover at his friend’s place, scheduled for today. Eldest is also unhappy because I cancelled his friend coming here for the same reason, even though he’s not unwell. I’m such a mean mother that I won’t let them take these bugs to spread around other families. We need a few weeks of warm dry weather with a nice breeze to blow all the greeblies away.

Of course, when everyone's better, there will have to be some other holiday activities. I can't expect the poor things to entertain themselves the whole time. What are holidays for, but to do something interesting (besides being sick)?

Meanwhile I’m getting little done on the illustrations. So I’d better leave this here and go get on with it, before someone finds another reason for me to be paying them all my attention.


C.R. Evers said...

I hope everyone is feeling better soon and that you'll feel more productive as well!

Your illo's are ADORABLE!


Kate said...

Thanks, Christy!