Saturday, 28 February 2009


Last night, as I worked at the computer, a tiny black mosquito landed on my hand. Before I had chance to swat it, it managed to bite the knuckle of my little finger. It started to itch straight away, so I got up and put copious amounts of anti-itch cream on it. To no avail. Within minutes I had a huge lump that itched like crazy and after an hour I itched right up to my elbow! It’s still itching. You wouldn’t believe such a tiny thing could cause such a bother.

This isn’t a post about mosquitoes, though. This is a post about writing. Because I want to write like that little mosquito. I want to learn how to inject that special something into my stories that readers hardly notice at the time, but then they find they can’t leave the story behind. They itch to keep reading and even when they’ve finished reading, the experience stays with them.

Harper Lee found it, I think, in ‘To Kill A Mocking Bird’. That’s probably the only book I ever had to read (for school) that I really found hard to put down. She injected such impelling reality into her characters that they became people the reader cared about. The plot held just enough mystery to keep the reader interested. I want to do that. I’ve a way to go before I write anything like that, though.

Back to the computer, I suppose - with a full can of flyspray this time.


Angela said...

*scritch, scritch*

This post makes me itchy!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kate, if your books are anything like your blog I would want to read them! You have a way of writing that apeals to me and many others because we can relate to your feelings and (some) experiences.

I LOVE "To Kill A Mocking Bird". My mother had me read it when I was in grade school. I enjoyed the movie as well.
Warm Regards,

Kate said...

Angela...haha...gotcha! :)

Melanie, thank you!
I remember seeing the movie when I was about 14. My Gran was over here on holiday from England and we both sat up until 1am to watch it. We were both fans of Gregory Peck!

C.R. Evers said...

You go little mosquito! :0)


Brenda said...

I hope the mosquito bite on your finger is feeling better...

I have no doubt that you will take a bite out of the finger of the writing world and everyone will remember you...hugs...

I love "To Kill a Mocking Bird"...!!!

Goldie said...

I hope you've stopped itching by now, Kate. I agree completely with you about the writing. I'd love to do the same. People think it easy, but it's not is it? I love 'To Kill a Mocking Bird' too and would like to read it again one day.