Thursday, 30 April 2009

Seasonal silliness.

It’s that time of the year again. That time when every man in this district starts to walk around with his eyes on the sky. Where are the clouds? Where’s the rain? It's a wonder they don't fall on their faces, the amount to time they spend with their heads in the air.

The stubble has been burned off, the superphosphate spread in readiness. The seed’s in the shed and the tractor is oiled and fuelled, ready to go. Tomorrow will be May, the middle of autumn and we are still having 28C days. Clouds look down at us and grin as they pass over. It’s not a real worry yet, but it will be if it doesn’t rain in the next few weeks. Meanwhile those over east are having freezing wet and windy weather. It’s a strange country.

The kids are complaining about the weather too. Term 2 started at school this week and Term 2 means winter uniform. It’s very smart with long trousers for the boys and ties for both boys and girls, but when the weather still thinks it’s summer, it does get a bit hot. Actually, I should be honest. The kids aren't complaining about the weather. They're complaining about the uniform!

On the up side, around the house we have a paddock full of lambing ewes. While some green grass would be wonderful for the ewes instead of the straw and seed we’re feeding them, those little lambs are so obviously enjoying the sunshine. There must be nothing worse than being born in the rain.

PS. An apology to my regular visiters, who now find their posts being moderated. Some kind soul decided to spam my last blog post, so I had to make it too difficult for a repeat performance.