Friday, 3 April 2009

Writing Groups

I've lived in this area for twenty years. In all that time I've attended one writing workshop. That was about ten years ago and there's been very little else to do, though there have been some very 'arty' writing workshops that didn't appeal.

Earlier this year a new writing group was formed by someone fairly new to town. She's been a long time member of a big writing group in the city, so she knows what its about. I've been going since the beginning and I'm really enjoying it. We've grown from three at the first meeting to seven (men and women, which is great) and we have a great time doing exercises (my brain complains bitterly) and listening to each others' stories.

I know I've belonged to Internet writing groups for years, but I'm finding this face-to-face group is inspiring me in a different way. If someone I've never met tells me on the internet that I should get my story published, I'm flattered and I appreciate their encouragement, but it's just not the same as when I can see from someone's face that they're not just saying it. Self-doubt is pretty strong.

The other thing with this group is that I can't sit there and pretend I'm doing something if I'm not. I read someone yesterday in a thread on Critique Circle (sorry, whoever it was, I can't remember who) who said they were on 'Procrastinol'. That's my problem too. I'm brilliant at putting things off. These people aren't going to let me.

So, back to work, Katherine!


Meg Wiviott said...

Happy to hear you've found a face-to-face group you like. Trust is a huge part of any critique group - online or face-to-face.

LOVE the "Procastinol"

Eric said...

Thats great that you've found something to help get you off 'Procrastinol', as I'm still trying to kick that drug habit. Maybe I need to follow your example and find a group or some other forum where I don't have a choice but to get my butt in gear. Congrats in any event.

Kate said...

You're right, Meg. I should have added that over the years I have used internet groups, there are a few people who I HAVE come to trust when they say something good about my work. That's because they also tell me when it really stinks!

Eric, good luck in looking for a group.

Luc2 said...

*wounded silence*


Kate said...

Luc, I'm glad you added the winking face there! You had me worried for a second.

Luc2 said...


Goldie said...

Glad you have the writing group to attend. I belong to a group too and it keeps me motivated.

Have finally critiqued on Critique Circle. A bit scary the first time, but I'll be OK with the next one. It's a brilliant site isn't it?

Kate said...

Congratulations, Goldie. The first one's always the hardest.
I have a story up on CC this week. My name is 'Skate' - hint, hint ;) - but it's already up to chapter 9.