Thursday, 4 June 2009

Five-year-old logic

Sausage gave me a good laugh yesterday, so I thought I'd share.

She came into the kitchen and said, "Mummy, I can tell where people are from, just by looking at their eyes."

"Can you?" I said. "How?"

"Well, R and me, we've got black eyes, cos we're from Korea. And Daddy and M have blue eyes. That must be because they're from Australia." She stopped and looked at my eyes. Then she looked at the dog. She turned back in astonishment. "Mummy, Annie's eyes are the same colour as yours! She must be English! "

(I'm hoping she doesn't see any other similarities between me and the dog!)


Sarah Dooley said...

I love kid logic! :)

Angela said...

Ha! kids are awesome! I wonder what she'll say if she ever meets a person with two different color eyes?

Goldie said...

What comes out of the mouths of babes can be truly delightful. Do you remember the reader contributions about what little ones had said in the New Idea years ago? I don't know if they still have them in the magazine, but I used to love to read them. Annie looks a beautiful dog!

Christina Farley said...

Totally cute! My boys think they're English because they speak English. I can really get this!

Kate said...

Yes, kids do say some funny things. I really wish I'd written them all down. You think you'll remember them, but you don't.

Goldie, of course Annie is a beautiful dog...she has eyes like mine! :D