Thursday, 3 September 2009

Everything comes to she who waits.

The house is in turmoil at the moment. Renovation time. Five years ago I suggested to P that the space near the back door would make a great walk-in pantry if it was blocked off and a door put through from the other side. This week he finally got around to doing it. You can’t rush these things. But somehow, in the process of getting a builder friend to come and help (well, do most of the work actually) we ended up with a patio planned off the back as well. So going in and out of the back door is now a major event.

It’s actually all coming together quite quickly really. As long as Annie is shut away so that she can’t run off with any hammers or screwdrivers to bury in her favourite spot, P and the builders manage to get quite a bit done each day. Today was my first day of having to be around while they work, because I’ve been at work myself, but I’ve found my ipod very useful. It doesn’t quite drown out the slightly off-key whistling, but it helps.

The pantry will be wonderful – no more cramming things into a tiny cupboard and having to shop every two days. As for the patio – I don’t think P will want to tell my family it’s there. At the moment, our house is a little small for entertaining all 22 plus of us (‘plus’ being sundry nieces’ and nephews’ boy/girlfriends) but with a patio to lose them on, they’ll fit very well. Maybe I won’t point that out till it’s finished.


Rena said...

Sounds great. Extra space is always a good thing.

Kate said...

I'm certainly very good at filling it very quickly!