Saturday, 13 February 2010

Watch out!

A warning to anyone thinking of using the roads anywhere in the vicinity of our house in the near future…watch out for a tall, curly-haired sixteen-year-old having driving lessons. Eldest just got his ‘L’ plates.

The future is finally looming big in his eyes and he’s beginning to realise all the things he needs to know before he leaves home. This is his last year of school and next year, if his dreams come true, he’ll be in the city, studying his beloved computer programming. So he needs to learn to drive.

Can you remember that moment when you got your L plates and started lessons? It was a big step for me. I’d managed to put it off until I was 21, using buses, trains and friends to get around while I was at University, but once I got a job, I needed to drive. I still remember the car kangaroo-hopping down the road in my first lesson. The teacher was a rather sleazy old man who did nothing for my confidence at all. He had a habit of telling me to head up a lane onto the freeway. Even I knew learners weren’t allowed on the Freeway. My dad did take me for one lesson, but after that he was strangely unavailable. I must admit, he looked a bit pale when we got home.

The roads will be safe for a little while yet. P is going to take Eldest out into the paddock for a few lessons - one with no trees. He’s giving him his old farm ute until he can afford something better. As someone pointed out, it’s the perfect vehicle for a teenager – he won’t be able to take too many passengers…though I suspect he’ll be popular for moving furniture.

I can’t say I’m looking forward to him being on the roads, but he’s grown up and that’s how it is. I’m sure I’m not the first mother to feel this way.

Next item on the agenda: teaching him how to use the washing machine.


Lilfix said...

Welcome to the world of teenage drivers...lots of Hugs to you, your family and the neighbors...grin...

I've been where you're at (about 5 years ago) and even though it is scary to have them behind the is so nice when you need a couple items like bread & milk and you can send them to the store while you stay in your pj's...grin...

Anonymous said...

I started driving when I was 16 and got my license when I was 17. I remember being very nervous. It took a year or two to really feel confident on the roads.