Friday, 6 August 2010

Working to achieve

It’s three months since my harp arrived. Three lovely months and I’m still in love. I have to admit I spend far too much time playing and not enough time writing (I almost put ‘doing housework’ there, but then realised that I don’t really miss that). But it’s just wonderful finding a tune I like and working on it until it comes out sounding slightly like it should. Sometimes I sit down to play ‘just for a few minutes’ and don’t get up for a couple of hours. Then I pay for it with sore fingers and aching shoulders.

Today I’m extra happy. There’s a piece by Turlough O’Carolan called ‘Blind Mary’ that I have always loved. Today I managed to play it through without a mistake. It wasn’t perfect, but it was such a thrill to play it for myself, even if it was only the ‘easy’ version. I got the same thrill a few weeks ago when I finally managed to play a rolling chord. Well, with my right hand anyway. Still working on the left. There are days at work when my hands itch to get home and start playing.

All this makes me wonder – how can I work on my writing so that I get the same thrill every time I achieve something? It seems to have become so routine that I no longer notice when I achieve something, unless it’s something really big. (I think I’d notice if I got published). Of course, there are times when the writing bug bites and won’t let go; when I have a new story in my head especially. But when the first draft is finished and it’s time to polish it, the enthusiasm wanes somewhat. What mini challenges can I set myself to remind me that I am achieving something even if I’m not getting published?

Time to go think. Maybe a little harp music might help…

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Rena said...

For me, I just have to wait for that writing bug to bite. Fortunately, it has right now and all I've been doing is writing. I have mounds of laundry to show for it too.

Good luck with both your harp and your writing. The harp sounds wonderful.