Friday, 22 October 2010

A Big Day

Almost fourteen years ago, at the age of three, my eldest son informed me that I didn’t need to bother taking him to his first day of Kindergarten. He already knew what he wanted to be, he told me, so I may as well take him straight to University. Unfortunately, things didn’t quite go his way. He went to Kindergarten and he’s been biding his time ever since.

That day seems like five minutes ago, but today he stepped out of the car to go to school for the last time. My baby is 17, six foot tall and still full of dreams of the future. Since he discovered computers at the age of six, his intention of being an Engineer has morphed into being a Computer Programmer, but he has always resented having to “waste time” at school, doing subjects he didn’t like, when he could be doing what he wanted.

To his credit, he’s never used his lack of enthusiasm for school as an excuse not to work. He’s done well. There have been some good times, of course, some great teachers who have helped him believe in himself – even in subjects not strictly useful to being a programmer! But generally, he’s just been hanging out for this day.

He hasn’t quite finished yet. There’s the Graduation on Monday, a week of study, then the BIG exams, but as far as schooling goes, he’s done. No more lessons, no more assignments, no more packing a lunchbox. Done. He’s a happy lad and his mum’s proud of him.

So why do I feel so blah?


Anna Harris said...

Could it possibly have something to do with your baby bird growing up and leaving the nest? Or, in this case, your cute lil cowboy ready to start tyin' his own kerchief?

Hmmm...that's a convoluted way of saying, I knoooooooow, "Blah" is right! :(

Kate said...

Yes, I'm finding it hard to believe he can possibly have grown up enough to leave home.

Clare said...

I'm not surprised you're feeling blah - ((((((x))))))

But also feel very proud of your, and your son's, achievements. He's ready to spread his wings with a confidence and maturity he could not have developed if he hadn't been brought up by such supportive parents in a loving home.

Well done to him that his hard work has paid off and he can now pursue his childhood ambition.
Well done, Mum and Dad - be very proud at Monday's Graduation!

Kate said...

Thanks, Clare. I'll be the proudest one there!

C.R. Evers said...

(((hugs))) I have several years until my girls are at this point, and yet I realize this "point" will come tomorrow.

Your son makes me think of the great people in this world. The education system is to train people to be the mediocre of the world. The truly brilliant aren't as easily confined or taught. They go beyond the norm. They function, they learn among the general population, but they're true genius is found,only, once they are free from "systems" I'm thinking your son has a brilliance that goes beyond "educational systems and limitations"He has a mind that exceeds the cultural norm. I won't be surprised to see that he flourishes outside of the lower-grade systems.

I think he sounds fabulous!!!!!!

Kate said...

Thanks, Christy. I agree wholeheartedly...but I have to admit to being just a teensy bit biased! :D