Saturday, 22 January 2011

A new blog: Within the Veil

To fit in with my dreams and schemes, (which I'm still not entirely ready to divulge completely because I'm still not sure about them), I have started a new blog. That doesn't mean I'll be closing this one. The new one is entirely different. I'm writing it in the point of view of a character in my (unpublished)  fantasy novel, "Treespeaker". The character is an anthropologist/naturalist who is said to have visited the people I wrote the story about many years before this story took place. So the blog is an anthropological look at an entirely fictitious people, introducing other characters from the book and giving their background. It's one of those schemes writers come up with in the middle of the night, when it seems like an utterly fantastic idea. In the light of day, the reality seems a little less shiny, but I hope you'll at least visit once or twice, to let me know what you think? It's still very much a work in progress. I want to put in some illustrations and try to give it a more fantasy 'feel', but having been away, I haven't had the means to do all that.

This all came about because of this article I read lat week. It started all sorts of ideas in my head and this blog is the first I've had chance to do. The world of writers is certainly changing quickly. It's going to take some creativity to keep up.

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Julia Hones said...

Great! I look forward to learning more about your project as you strive to make the best out of it. Keep up the flow of creativity, Kate! It's inspiring.