Sunday, 10 April 2011

Decision Made

Well, I've hummed and I've haahed and I've read everything I can for and against e-publishing and no matter which way I look at it, the answer seems to be that for this one particular book, my best option is to e-publish. So there it is. My decision has been made. Exactly when I'm going to do it is still not definite, but I'm aiming to get it done during the Easter holidays...eek! Only two weeks away!

But now I need the help of all my friends on the internet. I've been having great fun designing a cover. The problem is I can't decide which one is best. I've shown what I thought to be a really good cover to people and had a so-so reaction and I've shown what I thought was so-so and they've said that's the one I should use. So below are some possibilities. If you could be so kind as to tell me which cover you think would make you pick up the book, I'd be really greatful

I can't expect you to know which is best without some idea of the book of course, so here's a rough draft of the blurb -

For the first time in his life, Jakan the Treespeaker is alone. Only weeks after the arrival of a stranger to his village, he has lost his wife, his home and the respect of the villagers he has served as seer and healer for over twenty years. Blocked from his Treespeaking skills and banished from the forest, he goes on a journey which could well mean his own death. All he has left is his faith and his determination to save his people. But will that be enough?

This is not a book about good versus evil. It is a book about belonging and doing what you know to be right, no matter what the cost. 

(Adult/Crossover  high fantasy, 93 000 words)

As I said, only a rough draft. Another thing I have to work on before I press the 'publish' button.

So...which cover (if any) grabs you? Remember that this is for Kindle, so it has to look okay in grayscale and as a tiny icon on Amazon. If you don't like any of them, please tell me why so that I can maybe have more fun procrastinating designing!





After a couple of weeks, I'll put the names of all those who've voted into a hat and draw out one to win a Kindle copy of Treespeaker when it comes out.

If you'd like to read a little in advance, I'm about to hop over to my Treespeaker blog and post a sample. See you there!  Thanks everyone!


Anonymous said...

No.6 really catches my eye! :)

Kate Kyle said...

No 1 - not only catches my eye (the blue thingy distracts me) but also seems to reflect best the story line as presented in the rough draft of the blurb.

Sue Boyne said...

No 3 is my overall favourite but the brightness of No 6 is great.

Bec said...

No. 3 would make me pick up the book. I love those colours - and the stone looks better in that one.

Elizabeth Currie said...

It's first No. 1, which manages to combine the elegant curvilinear & striking with important unfussy clarity; followed by No. 5.
Have you considered print on demand as well as e-publishing? I have just published by novel via Am preparing the second now and then both later for e-publishing. That means anyone can order straight from the web & get a 'hard copy'. And it costs you nothing!

Rosemary J Kind said...

I like 3 with the leaf, although 1 is good in a sinister way.

lady_danin said...

I like 1 and 5

Guy said...

3, followed by 4 and 6.

Shirley said...

I like number three best.

Sandra Patterson said...

Another vote for number 3!

Pam Asberry said...

I like #2; too much of the tree is hidden is #3. This sounds like a great book, and congrats on your decision to e-publish. Love your blog, and look forward to following you! If you find a minute, please come and visit mine, and consider following me, too!

Kate said...

Thanks for your votes everyone! It's interesting to see what you all like.

Hi Pam, glad to 'meet' you! Yes, it is exciting...well. a bit scary really!

Clare said...

Delighted you've made your decision, Katie - really looking forward to reading the whole book instead of the teasing excerpts!

Covers - it's 1 or 5 for me although I like them all.

2 - I like the colours but not the title graphics.

3 - if the stone and leaf were smaller and the tree more visible, this would be my favourite.

4 - my least favourite because the colours don't stand out the way they do in the other examples.

6 - again the title graphics put me off this one. I'm a simple person and like simple print! It's a beautiful shade of blue but a bit too vivid for me.

But it's YOUR story, Katie - go with YOUR intuition and what fits YOUR story.

Good luck!

Clare said...

My word verification was nomislas - as if i could get that wrong!

Eliseo Mauas Pinto said...

Definitely Number 3... though I would love if you can let the keltic knot be more viewable...
creative blessings!☼