Wednesday, 1 June 2011


It’s nearly six weeks since I published Treespeaker. What have I learned? Well, firstly that it’s not as easy as it looks to market a book. In fact, it’s  a hard slog. But by far the most important thing I’ve learned is that there are some beautiful, kind people in the world. Of course, I already knew that, but some people have been so generous in helping me with my book that I have had my knowledge reinforced. 

I’m not talking here just about the myriad other Indie authors who have opened there blogs to book reviews, interviews etc and always lend a hand or give advice when you shout ‘help’. I’m talking about individuals who have stepped forward to help me personally. There have been friends who raced to buy my book then plugged it to all their friends. Acquaintances who spread the word on the internet. A friend who looked (and is still looking) for any avenue of marketing he could find and made sure I was aware of it. Other internet acquaintances have offered me a place on their blogs (stay tuned for the latest on that).
It’s not just people I know, though. Complete strangers have befriended me and offered advice. Complete strangers have bought my book to help me along. Complete strangers have become friends.

I only hope that somewhere in amongst all this, I can find a way to pay all this kindness forward and back. There are so many worthy books struggling to find their way to the top of the pile, so many good writers wondering if they dare take the plunge into e-publishing. It’s like struggling to the top of the barricades in a revolution. Everyone needs a hand to climb up. Not that I'm sure that there's any enemy, though. Maybe conquering Everest would be a better analogy. I dream of the view from the top, but the peak is going to have to be wide enough for a lot of other people...all those who have pulled me up and all those who have pushed! Thank you to you all. Whether I get there or not, I’m very grateful.


Anonymous said...

I agree with 100% I've been staggered at the quality of the friendships I've made since publishing and the spirit that goes with being part of the global congregation of of independent authors. Ancillary businesses have formed as well and I've said time and again, that's its the hand of friendship that often means more than the sales.

Nice post and congratulations!
PS: I'm on a farm in Tasmania. Sheep and barley, not much dust.

Kate said...

Thanks, Mesmered. A farm in Tasmania sounds lovely. I don't suppose you get as excited about rain as we do?

Rena Jones said...

Oh man, I am SO behind. Blogger has been acting all screwy for me and I haven't been able to follow, read, or comment like before.

Congrats on your book! I need to get all caught up!

Celtic Sprite said...

Hello once again kind Katie... glad to read about your new reflections... I wonder if there is any community that gathers Indie E-book Authors.... for instance, myself (as a musician) I follow both ReverbNation and Indie Music Channell for instance.... do you know anyone?
Bright Blessings ☼

Kate said...

Hi Rena, glad to see you again! Like you, I just can't keep up!

Eliseo - if you want an Indie community, Kindleboards is good ( or the UK version ( good, but less crowded. Just be careful not to post about being a writer in the wrong place. There's rules about where you can mention your book. There's also a few groups on Facebook eg.Indie Writers Unite! and Readers & Writers United. See you round!

Celtic Sprite said...

Thanks a lot for your quick reply!...Just yesterday I did joined the Kindleboards site as a suggestion from my fellow blogger ShéaMacLeod(
I will take a look on Facebook as soon as I may...
U r welcome! and keep up the sacred fire!