Sunday, 14 April 2013

It's here at last!

This isn't really a post. More like a blatant publicity stunt, but we authors have to do this sometimes!

Firstly - just to let everyone know that TREESPEAKER is ON SALE from now until I decide to stop it being on sale (that's the good thing about being an 'Indie'. I can decide!) So instead of $3.99 it is now just 99c. If you use this link it will take you to whichever Amazon you use - it's magic!...
(It's also available at Smashwords, Apple, B&N etc, but check that the price has been changed before you buy.)

Please tell all your friends!

Secondly -
Yes, at last, the book I've been promising for two years (exactly) is coming out. I'm very nervous about it, being a sequel and knowing that people have favourite characters etc, but I'm pretty happy with it, so I hope you are.

See you all on Friday!


Angela Ackerman said...

Congrats on the soon-to-be release! I know sequels are scary. I am scared about the next thesaurus book. What if it doesn't live up to expectation? Ugh, a person can drive themselves crazy over it!

Yours will be great I'm sure, so don't worry and just enjoy the moment!


Kate said...

Hi Angela and thanks. The book has been out for three weeks now and doing pretty well if the reviews are anything to go by - mainly on Amazon UK and Goodreads. I'm breathing a little easier!