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Guest Post: Tahlia Newland

Today's guest post comes from Tahlia Newland, founder of "Awesome Indies". Tahlia works hard to find well-written, quality Indie books to make it easy for readers to find books to read. (I'm glad to say a couple of my books are included on the site!) Thanks for guest posting on my blog, Tahlia!

Can authors review their own work? This one does.

When I put a new release onto Goodreads, I always write a review of it. I can do this because they let me, but also because I do so much reviewing that I can actually remove my author self from the equation and write what my reader self thinks (do I have a split personality?) I think it’s a really good exercise for authors to do this. Sometimes, I like to imagine the worst things someone might say about a book, then no matter how horrible a review is I’m not too shocked because I’ve probably thought of something worse. I haven’t had a really terrible review yet, but maybe I just haven’t found the right reader!

This is the review I just put up on Goodreads for my new release Demon’s Grip, Book three of the Diamond Peak Series.

“My reviews of my own work are always totally honest, written from the perspective of me as a reader, not as the author, & this one, I have to say is a highly unusual book. Although it’s a great ride like the rest of the series, it’s also a little gruelling in the last third where Ariel struggles with addiction and Nick's patience is sorely tested. But then, addiction is like that, you can't treat it lightly.

It's very much the third book in a series, the last struggles before something shifts and the characters can move on for their last push to the top of the mountain (book 4 is very inspiring). As with the previous books in the series, there's lots of action, humour and romance, though Ariel finds that being Nick's boyfriend when a demon that feeds on craving is around is a bit trickier than she imagined.

You'll meet Yule, (a bright-eyed, shaven-headed scholoar) the Haba (an awesome race of mountain Warriors) Kestril's sister, Kelee, and Ariel's 'Auntie and Uncle'. We hear the prophecy, find out the reason for Kestril's apparent dislike of Ariel and dip into some of the intriguing areas of study she undertakes at the University of Sheldra ie Demonology, Response Ability, The Nature of Reality and Advanced Demon Slaying. There's also Gimp wrestling and a guest appearance by Spud, the wombat.

Ariel's mother, Nadima does something so surprising that even I didn't see it coming, and at first I thought it was a pretty stupid move. She had to reassure me that she knew what she was doing before I agreed write it the way she wanted. In the end, the whole section starring Nadima is some of the best writing in the book.

I think you need to read the earlier books in the series before this one, so pick up Lethal Inheritance and Stalking Shadows.

Enjoy it, it's quite a ride.”

Its always best to start at the beginning of a series though, so to inspire you to do just that, book one in the series is only 99c until the 6th July on Kindle and Kobo, so pick it up and read your way to the top of Diamond Peak.

You can also pick up a FREE short story prequel to the Series here.

If you’re following the series already you can get  Demon's Grip at
What readers are saying about the Diamond Peak Series
“I can't even begin to describe all of the action you'll find in this highly imaginative journey. This is a fantastic depiction of a fight between good and evil.” Crazy Four Books.
“A magical world with an exceptionally well-written ribbon of “real world” weaved throughout.” Twisted Sense Book Blog.
“This world is the context for Ariel, a young woman in the grip of a prophecy, desperately trying to rescue her mother before her mother is killed... or worse.” Ruthanne Reid, author of The Sundered.

A beautifully written, exciting fantasy-adventure with vibrant description.” Krisi Keley, author of

Post by Tahlia Newland, the award-winning fantasy and magical realism author with a metaphysical twist. If you enjoyed this blog post, you can join her on Facebook , Twitter or Google+ You can even fan her on Goodreads. When not reading, writing, reviewing or mentoring authors you may find her being an extremely casual high school teacher or making decorative masks. Tahlia began writing full time in 2008 after twenty years in the performing arts and a five-year stint as a creative and performing arts teacher in a High School. In 2012, she set up the Awesome Indies List to showcase quality independent fiction. She has had extensive training in meditation and Buddhist philosophy and lives in an Australian rainforest south of Sydney. Creativity is her middle name!


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