Saturday, 1 December 2007

Wanted: More shelf space

I meant to go and do some Christmas shopping yesterday. I dropped the kids at school and was walking back to the car, when I met a friend who reminded me about ‘The Book Sale’. Yes, it needs capital letters. It’s the three days that happen every two years, the irresistible temptation, when the State Library sells off its discarded books at tiny prices. At 50c for children’s books and $3 for adult books, you can’t go wrong. Of course, the idea of Christmas shopping immediately went out the window and I spent the morning staggering around the hall with an ever-growing pile of books, wondering how I could sneak them all in to the house without my husband complaining at having to build yet another bookcase.

I was very restrained though…really. Most of the books I bought were children’s books (okay, ones I knew I’d enjoy reading to them, like ‘The Gruffalo’, but still…). I managed to get a few books about knights and castles to keep my second son in pictures to copy for weeks. Then of course, there were the writing books and the art books and the books about Korea (my whole collection of books about Korea has come from these sales). Unfortunately I didn’t find any novels I felt like reading. Not even today when I went back for a second look. Well, they have crates and crates of books and they just keep unpacking them through the weekend. But I’ve got enough reading to be going on with.

Now the only question is…can I resist going back tomorrow?

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