Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Feeling old.

I read a saying this afternoon which seemed amazingly apt for the way I was feeling –

“Youth looks forward,
Old age looks backward,
Middle Age looks tired.”

I had just been watching the ‘skipathon’ at school. One hundred and fifty kids or so, skipping, jumping and hopping for a whole hour. Just watching them made me feel exhausted. Did I really used to have that much energy? Where did it go? Not that I was ever any good at skipping, especially not when I had to run into a rope being turned by two people. Little Miss Uncoordinated, that was me. But I did play for hours and go off for walks I’d not think of attempting now.

I really should do more exercise. Where I was born in England, the locals regularly lived to be ninety or even a hundred years old. That was because you couldn’t go anywhere without going up or down a hill and everyone walked everywhere. My parents are both in their late seventies, but walk for miles each day rather than get into the car. I’m sure they’d beat me hands down in a physical competition. I live on a farm where I could walk for miles without even leaving our property. So what’s my excuse?

The sad fact is, I don’t have one.

Is it bedtime yet?

What do you do to keep fit?


Marcia said...

This is going to sound strange.

I walk. Here's the strange part: In my basement. The way the area is set up, it just so happens I can walk on the diagonal, northeast to southwest corners, and get a pretty nice distance. This way, I'm not limited by time of day, weather, the public decency aspect of my attire, nor prevented from praying or otherwise babbling out loud. I've never been very flexible (even as a child I had much stiffer muscles than other kids)and I have a family history of diabetes, so I consider my walking essential since I sit at the computer literally all day.

Brenda said...

I have every exercise tape and equipment you can think of, and I use it...once or twice...and then I'm back to sleeping in when I can...and in the evenings after I get home from working all day, I just don't have the energy!

I know that I should and I really want to...the problem is my body doesn't seem to really want to and I hate arguing with my body...grin..

Lilfix (Blueboards)

Kate said...

Hi Marcia, that sounds like a good idea. It's always easy for me to make excuses like 'it's too hot' or 'too cold' to go for a walk.

Brenda, I have an exercise bike which I used to use regularly before the birth of my first child (fifteen years ago!), but now it sits in a corner. It's a great place to hang things!