Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Win or lose?

Okay, own up. How many of you have been glued to your TVs/computers for the last two weeks watching the Olympics? I don't know what it's like in other countries, but here in Oz, if you don't watch, you're a killjoy. You've got to know every last detail of every last medal win to make any conversation at all.

Having said that, I have to admit it... I am a killjoy. I've watched a little of the gymnastics and seen the headlines on the news, but not once have I purposely turned on the TV to watch the Olympics. I didn't even watch the Opening. What a traitor I am! I just don't get the mania. I'm not sports-mad the rest of the time, so why should I be now? The must-win-at-all-costs attitude that seems to pervade the media gets me angry. I feel for the athletes who are pipped at the post, but I don't agree that a silver medal is a tragedy. They've achieved so much to get there at all. They should be proud. And those like the Australian girl, Anna Meares, who seven months ago broke her neck and was told she may never walk again, but who went on to win a silver medal in the cycling at these Olympics - she'd won before she started. That's what it's about - not winning, but beating the odds and doing your best.

Oops, I've climbed onto my soapbox again.

...Jumping off.

Yesterday, Sausage ran in the '5 years and under' race in the school's Junior Sports Carnival. She stood on the start line with a big smile on her face. She set off with a big smile on her face. She waved and smiled at five of her little friends as they ran past her. She finished with a smile and walked back to her class with her chest puffed out to show off her 'I ran in a race' sticker.

Long may she keep that attitude!

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Luc2 said...

I'm working during those hours, but I like watching the recaps after the evening news.

It is about beating the odds and doing your best, and it's supposed to be about sportsmanship-like behavior, although that is lacking at some places too.

Good for Sausage! She participated, finished and enjoyed the experience. What's more to wish for?