Saturday, 20 September 2008

My favourite blogs

Yesterday, Christy awarded me the “I love your blog” award, for which I am very grateful. However, I’m not going to pass it on - the award only ran for a week (I seem to remember reading somewhere) and yesterday was the last day (good excuse?) I don’t tend to take part in any ‘pass it on’ games anyway.

However...I am going to get into the spirit of things and list my favourite blogs, because it’s always nice to know that your writing is appreciated. So here goes – in no particular order.

Of course, I have to start with Christy’s blog. That’s only fair. I love Christy’s site because it’s bright, colourful and fun. She mixes fun posts with informative ones (not that the fun ones aren’t informative, but you know what I mean) and the blog has ‘personality’.

The Bookshelf Muse by Angela and Becca is also a favourite of mine. Their ‘Emotion Thesaurus’ and the more recent ‘Setting Thesaurus’ are invaluable and their other posts are full of really good information as well.

Paul Coelho’s blog is one I check in on regularly, though I’ve never been brave enough to post a comment. He’s one of my favourite authors and the little ‘stories’ he posts on his blog always seem to fit into what’s going on in my life. I love his generosity. He gifts his words to others, rather than claiming them as his own as some published writers do.

Authoress’s Miss Snark’s First Victim is another must-visit blog. Her competitions are wonderful, her interviews with authors informative and her in-between blogs on anything and everything are very funny.

Susan Sandmore’s blog is another well-written and amusing one that I visit regularly. Susan has a gift for making even the most mundane topics extremely entertaining. She’s made me laugh out loud on more than one occasion, much to the consternation of my children. Sane people don’t laugh at their computers.

Nathan Bransford’s blog is another I visit, but less regularly. Being an American agent, the posts he writes are not always relevant to me, but nevertheless it’s interesting to see what topics he thinks are important and how he thinks about them.

Of course there are others, but that will do for now. I just joined JacketFlap, so I’m sure I’ll discover many more in the future. Thank you all for inspiring, entertaining and supporting others through your blogs. Here’s to you all!


Carrie Harris said...

Found you via Verla Kay and wanted to say that I love YOUR blog. :)

Kate said...

Thanks Carrie! You've made my day!

Susan Sandmore said...

Yay, I made you look crazy! 'Tis my mission in life to make everyone look crazy, so I will look like the sane one . . . Thanks for the mention!

Kate said...

I'll let you in on a little secret, Susan. It doesn't take much to make me look crazy! But your blog does make me laugh!