Thursday, 18 September 2008

A week of books

Great excitement at school last week. It was Book Week. Well, actually, Book Week was weeks ago, but this was the week our school celebrated it. There was too much on earlier and this timing coincided with the local Agricultural Show.

All the classes had been studying the books on the shortlist for the Children’s Book Council Awards (and a great bunch of books they were, too) and then they made displays to go into the Library. The classes put so much work into their pieces, it was a brilliant display. It’s a shame more parents didn’t come to have a look as they were invited to. At the end of the week, it was taken down and put up again at the Showgrounds for the whole town to see.

Friday was the big day though. All the children dressed up as a children’s book character to come to school. I have to admit, the definition of ‘children’s book character’ did get stretched a bit. Dynamo went as a bushranger (good excuse to have a gun I think, but his class was studying a book about Ned Kelly, so I gave in) and Sausage went as a butterfly (there's lots of butterflies in books!). But the kids all had a great time watching each class parade around the assembly area in their fancy dress.

The ‘theme’ for this year was ‘Fuel Your Mind’. After the parade, the teachers, dressed in hippie outfits, sang ‘Fuel me up, Library’ to the tune of “Fill me up, Buttercup”. Watching teachers make fools of themselves is always good for children I think. It makes them human and this act was obviously much appreciated.

This week feels a bit bleak after the excitement of last week. But everyone’s gearing down for the holidays now. So it’s chasing overdue books and shelving for me.

Lots of shelving.


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