Thursday, 29 January 2009

Tooth Fairies

Sausage lost her first tooth while we were on holiday. She had been saying it was wobbly but it didn’t seem that loose, so I was surprised when she came out of bed with a tiny little tooth in her hand. I was even more surprised to find an almost fully grown new tooth coming up just behind the space it left!

Of course, this all meant a visit from the tooth fairy. She was afraid the tooth fairy might not be able to find her, especially as we didn’t have the ‘tooth jar’ from the top of the fridge to put it in. (Yes, I know the tooth fairy is supposed to get the tooth from under their pillow, but do you know how hard it is for her to get under there without waking the child up?) Surprisingly though, the tooth fairy found that tooth in its egg cup, no trouble at all and left a whole two dollars as a holiday/first tooth bonus.

Poor Dynamo was always worried that he wouldn’t get anything at all for his teeth. For some reason he grinds his teeth when he’s asleep. He’s done it ever since he was a baby. As a result his first teeth at the front had worn down to stumps before they fell out and there wasn’t much left for the tooth fairy. But she’s a kind fairy and always paid him in full, even when he stopped believing in her. In fact, when the mean old dentist pulled one out because it was refusing to fall out and was causing an abscess, she paid him a bonus and wrote him a tiny little letter commending his braveness. That had him going for a while. Mum couldn’t write that tiny…could she?

The the things we mothers do!


C.R. Evers said...

awwwwwww, how sweet!

Brenda said...

Oh, this brings back such fun memories...We had a tooth pillow that the tooth was placed on and we put the pillow on the window ledge...when the Tooth Fairy came she always left money and a little Fairy dust behind...

adrienne said...

Funny, today I blogged about my son losing a tooth (he's eleven, so it's one of his last). When my daughter was little she got so upset at the thought of the tooth fairy taking her teeth, we let her exchange a bead instead!

Anonymous said...

I only have one child so when he lost his first tooth I had soooo much fun playing Tooth Fairy! He's adopted so I really enjoy your perspectives on being an adoptive mother.

Luc2 said...

Nice bit about writing a tiny letter.

In one of Terry Pratchett's books, all kind of fairies pop up, like the one that always takes away just one half of a pair of socks, leaving you with several mismatched socks, and if I remember correctly a fairy that makes sure there's never a pen around when you need to write down something urgently.

Rena said...

Heehee -- the tooth fairy here just wore the boy's night vision goggles to get under Neil's pillow. Funny how creative that gal is getting!

Congrats on the tooth, Sausage!

Kate said...

Hi Melanie, glad to 'meet' you.

Brenda, I love the idea of the pillow. That would make it so much easier.

Adrienne, so what did you do with the teeth? Did you keep them?

Luc, they're not fairies that steal socks and pens, they're little devils!

Rena, that would make a great kids' story!