Thursday, 25 June 2009

Avoiding housework

Does anyone else avoid housework as much as me? I work Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and each night I come home and think, ‘what a mess! I really must clean up on Thursday’. Then Thursday comes along. When I’ve dropped the kids off at school, I do the shopping . I come home and put it away. I chuck a load of washing in the washing machine. Time for a coffee. I’ll just check my emails while I’m drinking it.

An hour and a half later I realise I’ve got a little sidetracked by YouTube (just a little) and there’s P coming in for lunch. So I make lunch. Then, if I’m really good, I do the dishes. But despite my best intentions, somehow the rest of the afternoon goes the same way as the morning. There’s that book I might just read a few pages of, or my guitar’s there begging to be played, or the dog needs exercise, or there’s an afternoon movie on TV I really want to see, or there's a story in my head just beating to get out…

The kids come in early from school because the teachers have a staff meeting on Thursdays. Well, I’ve got to give them some time before dinner don’t I? So no more work (hehe, have I actually done any yet?) until it’s time to cook. Darn, I didn’t hang out the washing. Oh, it’s raining. So now the kitchen’s a giant clothes dryer (I don’t have a real one).

No time to do anything after dinner. It’s writing group tonight and it starts at 7pm. Ah well, there’s always tomorrow.

When I’m rich, the first thing I’m going to get is a cleaning lady.


Goldie said...

Don't feel bad Kate, there's lots of us out there who do exactly the same thing. We don't want to be remembered as the person who kept a pristine house, do we? We want to be remembered as the renowned writer, poet,extradorninary mother, the person who can be relied upon etc.

Kate said...

lol Goldie. I'm not sure I'll ever be any of those other things either! :D