Sunday, 21 June 2009

Ah, the memories.

Today, 21st June, is World Music Day. I felt like being a bit silly, so just for something different, I have a ‘guest blogger’ – a Book. Actually he’s a book about music that I met just the other day…

Hey, man, how’s it hangin’? Hope you’re diggin’ World Music Day! Not me, man. Like, I’m stuck down here in the basement of the school library, while you’re all having a groovy time. Been here since that library chick decided to put up a display in honour of music. Far out, man! I should be in there.

When she picked me up off the shelf to check me out, I nearly freaked, man. Like, I’d been sitting there for years. It wasn’t a bad pad there in the 700s in the corner. I had some funky neighbours, you know? They were cool books. But it was groovy to feel hands on my cover after all that time. Those school kids just never dug me.

The Library chick seemed to dig me at first. I mean, hey, I’ve a cool chapter at the beginning about how music’s made – the science of it, you know? Then there’s the bit about the history of music, Bach and Beethoven and other radical dudes, and some more about music all around the world. It’s right on, man. It rocks.

When she reached the bit about musicals, she started giving me the hairy eyeball. I was getting bad vibes, man. But then she got to this photo of Colm Wilkinson in Jesus Christ Superstar and smiled, you know? Man, she digs the dude, so she would wouldn’t she? It's sweet, I thought. But it wasn’t that kinda smile. Then she started laughing. Yeah, laughing out loud, right there in the library, man!

Hey, first I thought she just smoked a joint, maybe. Or maybe it was his cosmic threads? Sparkly waistcoat, bell-bottoms and high-heeled boots? Funkadelic! But no, she was reading the label underneath. ‘Judas in Jesus Christ Superstar – a modern musical’. She lost it then, man. She was nearly rolling on the floor. Yeah, well, so the man was in Superstar when he was about thirty and this chick was in High School. And yeah, CW just turned 65 and she’s – well she’s not at high school no more, but who defines ‘modern’, man?

I might still have been sweet, but then she turned the page. Modern popular music. Pictures of Mick Jagger with no wrinkles. She was really trippin’. It was all she could do to walk to the computer. But dig this - she went and deleted me, man! Without a word. A big smile on her dial. She wiped me and brought me down here. She thinks I’m not hip. The chick’s square, man!

It’s cold. I’m lying in a box with a load of tattered books. Man, some of them don’t even have covers. There’s mice down here! Gross, man! What gives? It’s World Music Day. I should be rockin’!

Like, bogus, man!


Goldie said...

Kate, I love this post! It brought back so many memories, especially the lingo of the seventies. It was a good era, also the sixties and fifties. I'm showing my age here, but I think the music was so much better back then, though you may not agree.

I didn't draw the witch in 'I'm Back'. Don't seem to have anytime for art these days. I cheated and chose it from Google images. Was appropriate because that exactly where I had the missing teeth.

Kate said...

Now, let me see, what do I have in my CD collection - The Beatles, the BeeGees, Dr Hook, Bread,... Does that tell you what I think of 70s music? I certainly don't have much modern stuff.

Goldie said...

Glad we're like-minded, Kate!