Tuesday, 25 August 2009

School excursion

I didn’t work yesterday as I normally do on Monday. Instead, I went on a bus to Perth with Sausage’s class and their teacher to see the WA Symphony Orchestra do their Education Concert. They were working with the Canadian Platypus Theatre (I think that’s the name – but what’s a Canadian Platypus?) and they were doing “How the Gimquat found her Song.” It was a lovely way to take the children through the history of music as the Gimquat looked for a tune she might like to use and the kids all loved it.

Before the show, Sausage and I were trying to work out what all the instruments on the stage were. Then I noticed the organ on a balcony up above the stage. “Wouldn’t it be funny,” I said, “if the Phantom came out in the middle of the concert and started playing it?” We laughed about it and decided that it really wasn’t likely.

When the Gimquat got to the modern era of music and the orchestra got ready to play, the lights suddenly dimmed and the kids all grabbed the arms of their seats. Then the musicians started playing…Phantom of the Opera. Poor Sausage – her eyes nearly popped out of her head as she looked up at the organ to make sure the Phantom hadn’t crept out. It was probably the only piece in the whole concert that she knew and she says it was her favourite part, but it really made her jump. I must remember not to make idle jokes before concerts again.

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