Thursday, 20 August 2009

Fun Run

Yesterday was ‘Junior Sports Day’ at school. All the kids from Kindy (3-year-olds) through to Year 3 (9-year-olds) got to go in a race and then take part in team games for their faction.

Of course, it had to rain. Halfway through the races down it came. But they broke for a very cold lunch and then the sun came out again and they carried on for the rest of the afternoon.

I was working, so I only got to go out and see Sausage’s race. Well, I use the term ‘race’ very loosely here. She was in the third division for her age group and there was only four in the race, meaning they would all get a place sticker when they finished.

She and the three other girls lined up. Sausage amused everyone by doing all the things Dynamo had told her to do – jumping up and down, pulling her legs up behind her to stretch her muscles. He’s very serious about his running so he wanted his little sister to get it right and had told her all about warm-ups. Then the teacher raised his arm and dropped it and they were off. Four little six-year-old girls running in a line, beaming from ear to ear. They were having such fun! One mum said to me she wouldn’t have been at all surprised if they hadn’t all suddenly joined hands and started skipping. Then, at about 10 metres from the end they all remembered that oh, this is a race and a couple went a little faster.

Sausage was very proud of her 3rd place sticker. Her Mum was very proud of her attitude yet again. What a shame the word competition was ever invented.


Rena said...

Oh, how cute! I understand what you mean about competetion, but it sounds like Sausage has a great attitude. That's the most important part and what keeps it fun. Glad to hear the rain didn't spoil the entire day.

Luc2 said...

There's nothing wrong with competition, IMO, as long as it is balanced by sportsmanship and the thought/spirit that participating is more important than wining.

Anyway, as long as she had fun, that's good.

Kate said...

Hi Rena, I'm glad the rain stopped too. The kids really enjoyed the afternoon.

Luc, it must be a 'boy' thing. Or maybe people like to compete in what they know they're good at. Dynamo really loves to compete in absolutely everything sporting. But Sausage is more like me as far as sport goes. She's never going to win, so she's just out to have fun.